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NHS Confederation - Parliamentary Review interim report: Final report needs to tackle long term funding for health and social care

The Welsh NHS Confederation welcomes the publication of the Parliamentary Review panel’s interim report and is pleased to see many of the points raised in the report reflecting the evidence submitted by the Confederation at the end of April as part of the consultation process. However, the interim report raises concerns around funding of health and social care in the future.

Vanessa Young, Director of the Welsh NHS Confederation, said:

“The report sets out the case for change and highlights a number of challenges and opportunities for reform over the next five years. But, the absence of any consideration of the long term model for funding health and social care is the elephant in the room. We believe the final report needs to tackle this issue head on and provide sufficient direction. Without adequate funding for health and social care in the future, the changes outlined in the interim report will not be enough to ensure a sustainable health and care system.

“We would also urge the panel to consider the opportunities to contain demand on health and care services by strengthening ill health prevention policies in housing, education and the environment.

“We look forward to working with the panel over the next six months and to participating in the stakeholder reference panel”.


The full Review of Health and Social Care in Wales – Interim Report can be found here

The Welsh NHS Confederation is the authentic voice of the NHS leadership in Wales.  The only national membership body that represents all of the organisations’ making up the NHS in Wales: the seven Local Health Boards and the three NHS Trusts.

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