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NHS Improvement - Supporting safer care for full-term babies

A resource alert has been issued to support NHS providers to reduce harm leading to avoidable admissions of full-term babies.

Patient Safety Alerts are shared rapidly with healthcare providers via the Central Alerting System opens in a new window (CAS). 

About this alert

We've produced a resource to support staff in preventing avoidable admissions of full-term babies.

It is a priority for the NHS to reduce avoidable harm that can lead to full-term babies (babies born after 37 weeks of pregnancy) being admitted to neonatal units. The number of unexpected admissions to neonatal units is seen as a proxy indicator that preventable harm may have been caused at some point along the maternity or neonatal pathway.

This alert asks all relevant providers to review the resource and identify how teams can use it to improve the safety of care and keep mothers and babies together whenever it is safe to do so. The resource focuses on reducing harm caused by hypoglycaemia; jaundice and respiratory symptoms.

Preventing separation, except for compelling medical indications, is essential in providing safe maternity services.

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