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NIESR analysis ahead of the Spring Statement: ‘Monetary & fiscal policy as the Brexit countdown begins’

NIESR’s Director Professor Jagjit Chadha yesterday presented the latest analysis by the National Institute of the impact of Brexit uncertainty on the forthcoming Spring Statement at an event at NIESR.

Brexit Countdown: Scenarios and Consequences”, organised jointly with the Society of Professional Economists, also included presentations by Dr Thomas Sampson of LSE and Dr Gemma Tetlow, Chief Economist at the Institute for Government and was chaired by Newsnight Economics Editor Ben Chu.

Jagjit Chadha yesterday said:

Political deadlock and constitutional crisis does not necessarily spell economic doom.  It is though a severe test.  The economy at full employment is in desperate need of policy to enhance productive capacity but remains suspended, waiting for the outcome of a tortuous EU Exit process. Even now no-one can be quite sure what will happen in terms the UK’s trading relationship with the EU and so plans are delayed and years are lost.”

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