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Neighbourhood coronavirus cases and 111 telephone figures shown in new public dashboard

NHS Digital has published the Coronavirus Neighbourhood View dashboard which shows numbers and rates of coronavirus casesconfirmed through testing across England and NHS Pathways 111 telephone assessments with potential coronavirus symptoms2.

It shows figures for each neighbourhood, known as Middle Super Output Areas (MSOA)3, in England.

This dashboard includes:

  • the number of people with coronavirus identified through an NHS lab (Pillar 1) or from commercial swab testing (Pillar 2).
  • assessments of COVID-19 symptoms reported to the NHS Pathways 111 telephone service. This is not a count of people as someone may have called the service multiple times. It does not include assessments through the 111 online service or 999 calls.

The data will present the latest available information by location.  

Data is presented up to the most recent week ending five days before the current calendar date. Data is refreshed daily and displays the most recent 10 weeks of information.

To preserve anonymity figures are only shown for MSOAs that had three or more cases or triages that week.

View the Dashboard

These open data sets contributed to the dashboard data:

PHE coronavirus cases in the UK

This is a summary of the cumulative total and daily confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and Coronavirus (COVID-19) associated deaths in the UK.

NHS Pathways potential coronavirus 111 triages

This is a summary of the coronavirus (COVID-19) assessments completed using NHS Pathways in support of NHS 111 telephone services, and NHS 111 online.

Notes for Editors

  1. Coronavirus cases. This is a count of people who have tested positive, not tests. Lab-confirmed case counts for England and subnational areas are provided by Public Health England and also represented at MSOA level. Testing volumes vary, with some areas testing more people than others. This may be a factor in geographical variations in positive cases. Learn more about information on cases. Cases that are known to be in England but for which there is insufficient information to allocate them to a specific geographic location are excluded from this dashboard. This means that when looking at the grand total it is slightly less than the overall England total on gov.uk. 
  2. NHS Pathways 111 triages. The data show information relating to the triage of coronavirus symptoms through NHS Pathways following calls to NHS 111. They report the triages which have received a potential coronavirus (COVID-19) final disposition. This is a count of the number of assessments carried out, not the number of people assessed. The data are based on signs and symptoms reported by members of the public and are not based on the outcomes of tests for coronavirus. Learn more about the public NHS Pathways dashboard and see the full list of caveats. This information is presented at MSOA level and is grouped from the postcode of the caller to the relevant MSOA.
  3. Middle Super Output (MSOA) data. Data are presented on an MSOA basis (2011 census boundaries). To aid interpretation, we include unofficial MSOA names provided by the House of Commons Library. Small number suppression has been applied.  Any counts of 0, 1 or 2 triages/cases are shown as ‘..’.


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