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New Cabinet Meets

Ministers to take a “bold approach”.

The First Minister chaired the first meeting of his new Scottish Cabinet this morning in Bute House, charging Cabinet Secretaries and Ministers to take a bold approach to delivering for Scotland.

Cabinet had a substantive discussion on the priorities of the government, ahead of the First Minister giving a planned statement to parliament immediately after recess. They had a further conversation around the budget that will underpin those priorities.

This morning’s discussion highlighted the importance of being an open, accessible government through engagement with the public and stakeholders and by reaching out to members of other parties in a genuine spirit of collaboration.

It also stressed the importance of building relationships with counterparts in other devolved administrations and the UK Government. The First Minister, the Deputy First Minister and Minister for Local Government Empowerment will be meeting with the President of COSLA this afternoon.

Cabinet members also reflected on their experiences in their previous ministerial portfolios and how that often brings useful perspective when taking on roles in different areas of government.

As always, a discussion on the immediate issues Cabinet members will be addressing in the coming weeks took place.

Commenting, First Minister Humza Yousaf said:

“I was pleased to welcome new and returning Cabinet members to our first meeting this morning. I was clear to them that I want Cabinet to be a forum for open and honest discussion. We all look forward to reaching out to stakeholders, the business community, opposition parties and the wider public in a spirit of genuine collaboration.

“This government has a strong track of taking forward ambitious and radical policies and reforms over the last few years, against a backdrop of austerity, economic uncertainty and of course the COVID-19 pandemic. Under my leadership the Ministerial team have been tasked with taking a bold approach to how we govern – not just in addressing the challenges facing the people of Scotland, but also maximising the opportunities of our many strengths.

“Our key priorities will include eradicating poverty and delivering a wellbeing economy underpinned by sustainable public services.

“I will set out more detail to parliament following Easter recess – but in the next couple of weeks, Cabinet members will be busy getting down to work on the immediate issues in their portfolios.”

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