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New export control training for techUK members

techUK has launched a new digital/online export controls and trade learning platform for members.

New export control training for techUK members certified through King's College London

Understanding trade compliance regulations is essential to your success in our increasingly complex global trade environment…and complying with ever-changing rules and regulations is critical to avoiding fines, penalties, and reputational damage, and, more importantly, enabling your company’s global trade.    

techUK is delighted to announce a new collaboration with Content Enablers, the global leader in trade compliance training, to help member companies meet these challenges. 

Content Enablers’ unique, web-based training can be used for all employees but is also available in function-specific modules for HR, Engineering, and Sales and Marketing professionals – all presented in an intuitive process that helps learners understand the regulations regarding:   

  • Who is involved in their transactions, 
  • What goods or services are the subject of their transactions, and   
  • How their transactions are being conducted. 

The content is presented in clear, easy-to-understand microlearning elements that highlight key compliance concepts relevant to each job function, offer engaging scenarios that illustrate how these concepts can impact day-to-day job situations, and provide additional resources to reinforce learning.   

In addition to the functional-modules, specific courses on UK Import, Sanctions & Embargoes, and UK Bribery Act 2010 are also available to techUK members.

Users who complete a Content Enablers course designed for techUK will earn a certificate with continuing professional development units endorsed by King's College London, one of the top-rated universities in the world.

Members can register for these courses for £95 to £103 by visiting the site at


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