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New large-scale data project will get to the heart of disparities

The Minister for Women and Equalities yesterday announced the Government's Equality Data Programme to better understand the barriers people face across the UK.

The Equality Data Programme is the Government’s broadest and most comprehensive equality data project. The large-scale project will gather data in order to better understand the barriers that people from every background are facing across the UK.

The work will consider a wide range of issues, such as geography and social background, and will deliver on a manifesto commitment to improve evidence on equality and to support levelling up ambitions. The information gathered will be used to inform policy decisions across government, and will allow the Equality Hub to deliver on the public’s priorities.

The Government is taking a new approach to tackling inequality in the UK. We will use data to determine where inequality lies and where people are held back.

The Equality Data Programme will get to the heart of the disparities people are facing to ensure real inequalities are addressed, using more data than ever to ensure our policies work.

The results of the Programme will be updated in due course.

Read the press release.

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