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New one-stop page for net zero grants and funding for public sector initiatives

Looking for grants and funding to finance sustainability and net zero initiatives? The search is over.

Are you struggling to fund your carbon net zero and sustainability projects? Our new one-stop grants and funding page can help. 

The UK has cut carbon emissions by more than 40% since 1990. In line with commitments under the Paris Agreement, the UK is the first major economy to pass laws committing to net zero by 2050. 

Even though the UK is at the forefront of the fight against climate change, decarbonisation is not happening fast enough. Many public sector organisations are finalising plans on how they will meet their targets and the UK-wide goals set by the government. However, staying on top of emerging net zero obligations and opportunities can be challenging. 

Barriers include a lack of inter-departmental and stakeholder coordination, lack of access to affordable and readily available energy efficient technologies. Additionally,  as many local authorities and communities across England are still building capability and capacity to meet net zero, limited capacity and experience can hinder their ability to gather sufficient information about their energy performance. 

Funding net zero ambitions is also a constraint, A green transition requires a significant investment in cleaner technologies. With budgets already stretched, meeting the high up-front costs of net zero projects, such as energy efficiency upgrades and solar PV panels, is an extra burden.  

The challenge of finding net zero funding in the public sector

Under pressure to deliver carbon emission targets, public sector sustainability leaders and facilities management professionals need to find available funding sources. However, the process of identifying and securing reliable financial support for sustainability projects is cumbersome. 

Grant information is often scattered across multiple sites and in various formats. Many organisations lack the time and resources to find and apply for net zero grants. 

Even after finding the funding, it can be complicated to apply, often requiring already stretched resources to complete the application. Usually, there is fierce competition to secure them before they are oversubscribed. 

One-stop for open net zero grants and funding

We know that your ability to meet sustainability and carbon net zero goals depends on funding. So, to make it easier, we’ve launched a new web page that brings all open CNZ grants and funding opportunities from across the government into one place. We will regularly update the page as new funding becomes available.

“Until now, customers have had no single place to view available funding sources and grants to support CNZ projects and programmes. Our new grants and funding page lets customers quickly see what funding is available, which unlocks a considerable barrier to achieving their net zero aspirations,” says Simon Tse, Chief Executive at Crown Commercial Service.

The CNZ grants and funding opportunities page allows you to review available open funding and providers and identify dates for applications. You can then engage with us to understand available routes to market for projects and complementary agreements to help deliver your CNZ solution.

“CCS is trying to simplify how the public sector can finance its green ambitions. Creating an up-to-date, consolidated list of open CNZ grants and funding opportunities across the government will greatly benefit our customers. Not only is everything in one place, but we also matched the available funding opportunities to our agreements. That leaves one less thing for our customers to worry about,” explains Kristen Green, Central Government Senior Account Manager.

Supporting your net zero journey

No matter where you are on your net zero journey, we can help. We have many solutions that can help you with decarbonisation across your procurement portfolio, from the obvious areas, such as energy and fleet, to places you might not even consider, such as technology hardware and food and catering. 

Don’t let funding issues deter your net zero ambitions. Visit our new carbon net zero grants and funding page today.


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