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New techUK climate taskforces to be established

In order to accelerate techUK’s progress on climate activities, the Climate Strategy and Resilience Council is initiating several taskforces to focus on delivering specific activities. These activities have been agreed with consideration to techUK’s 2019 workshop with members, which explored how members wanted techUK to respond to the climate crisis.

The taskforces will be led by a chair who will be required to report into the Climate Strategy and Resilience Council. The frequency of meetings/teleconferences will be determined by each taskforce in close discussion with techUK to ensure it can be adequately resourced. All will meet for the first time during February and March.


A small time-limited taskforce to coordinate techUK’s offering at the forthcoming international climate talks in Glasgow and to support planning and logistics. This group will have a kick-off call on Thursday 16 January and will be limited to 6 members. Please contact me ASAP if you wish to be involved.

Net Zero Pathway and Enabling the Energy Transition

A taskforce to lead on techUK’s work to support techUK members in developing a strategic response to the UK’s net zero carbon target and to enabling the transition to net zero more broadly on a cross-sectoral scale.

The taskforce will develop a specification for developing a zero-carbon roadmap for the sector, assess the cost of carrying out a roadmap and explore potential funding sources. It will also oversee the provision of simple guidance for techUK’s smaller members to start to tackle key carbon/energy hot spots.

This taskforce will also support the development of two events for COP26 highlighting the role of digital technologies in enabling the energy transition and another demonstrating the role of digital technologies in enabling global pathways to net zero carbon. 

Climate Risk and Resilience

A taskforce to lead techUK’s work on climate risk and resilience, initiating briefings and roundtables exploring future climate scenarios and the implications of TCFD reporting recommendations for our sector. The taskforce will monitor international developments and support the development of an event at COP26 highlighting the role of digital technologies in helping to reduce the risk of a changing climate.

Climate Policy, Regulation and Compliance

A taskforce to lead on techUK’s higher-level input on government policy and compliance in respect to climate change and the role of digital technologies i.e. inputs to Treasury, senior government officials and Ministers, MPs, and the Committee on Climate Change. The group will also monitor and influence European policy development. Where appropriate the taskforce will refer to expertise other specific Programmes and Councils in the area of data centres, smart energy and utilities, smart mobility, intelligent buildings and eco-design. 

Marketing and Communications

A taskforce to bring together a community of marketing and communication leads from member companies to help amplify messaging and activity in the run up to COP26. The taskforce will also provide strategic advice to other relevant taskforces in respect to event planning.

If you are interested in participating in any of these groups (or would like to nominate a colleague) please contact me at outlining clearly which you wish to join and whether you would be willing to chair it.

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