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New trial to offer streamlined use of GOV.UK

A trial is being carried out to make government services easier to use online.

On average approximately 5 million users access GOV.UK everyday, however the service lacks efficiency and often requires people to fill in lots of forms requesting the same information when accessing different government services online.

In an attempt to combat this, the government is trialing an accounts system. From October, a limited number of people will be given the chance to create their own personal accounts to use on parts of the GOV.UK website. This will mean that users' personal information is stored securely on the website and the hope is that these accounts will make it easier for people to find services and eliminate the need to repeatedly fill in the same pieces of information such as names and addresses, to access different online services. 

As well as providing a more seamless service, the trial will also help guide people around GOV.UK by using the information they provide for their accounts to direct them towards services which may be relevant or useful to them.

If the trial is a success it will be rolled out to allow more people to create accounts if they want to. It's important to note that this is optional, and those who do not want to create accounts will still have access to the full range of Government services online - and those who choose to create accounts will have a say in how they want their data to be used.

The initial trial will run for a period of three months. 


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