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New way of delivering grants to vulnerable groups

Welsh Government yesterday confirmed that after carefully considering the findings of the evaluation and the experience of pathfinders it intends to move forward with two grants to support vulnerable people in Wales; one housing-related the other non-housing related.

Throughout the last year, we have been testing a new way of delivering grants in seven local authorities across Wales. The aim of this work was to bring together a number of grants to strengthen the ability of local authorities and their partners to deliver preventative services focused on early intervention for those in the greatest need.  

The interim evaluation of the work across all local authority areas to test the Early Intervention, Prevent and Support Grant was published yesterday. 

Following a review of the evidence gathered from the pathfinders, and discussions with stakeholders and local authority partners, it was agreed that from April next year the grant would be delivered in two streams; the Children and Communities grant and the Housing Support grant.

Cabinet Secretary for Local Government and Public Services, Alun Davies yesterday said,

“We believe this new approach has a number of advantages. It will ensure these crucial preventative services are integrated as effectively as possible. The new grant structure will take up the methods of working trialled by the pathfinders, involving regular communication across partners, peer challenge and review. 

“We will continue to work in partnership with local authorities and our wider stakeholders, including providing support to the non-pathfinders, to take forward the new arrangements and emphasise the importance of early intervention and prevention.”

Rebecca Evans, Minister for Housing and Regeneration, yesterday said,

“We are grateful to those who have played a crucial role in testing the Early Intervention, Prevention and Support Grant, we have listened to the outcomes of the evaluation and understand the need for stability in the planning and delivery of these crucial services.  

“We will support the sector to make a success of this new structure and are united in our commitment to improve outcomes for individuals and communities who benefit from services funded via the grants.”

These arrangements will remain in place for the remainder of this Assembly term and will apply to all local authorities in Wales. They will be carefully monitored and evaluated to ensure the concerns raised by the National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee and the Wales Audit Office are addressed.

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