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NextGenerationEU: European Commission disburses €271 million in pre-financing to Finland

The European Commission has today disbursed €271 million to Finland in pre-financing, equivalent to 13% of the country's financial allocation under the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF). The pre-financing payment will help kick-start the implementation of the crucial investment and reform measures outlined in Finland's recovery and resilience plan.

The Commission will authorise further disbursements based on the implementation of the investments and reforms outlined in Finland's recovery and resilience plan. The country is set to receive €2.1 billion in total, fully consisting of grants, over the lifetime of its plan.

Since June 2021, the Commission has raised €71 billion for NextGenerationEU via long-term EU Bonds – €12 billion of which through the first-ever NextGenerationEU green bond issuance. On 14 December, the Commission published its funding plan for the first semester of 2022. The plan foresees the issuance of €50 billion of long-term EU Bonds between January and June 2022, to be complemented by short-term EU-Bills. In addition, the Commission currently has around €20.5 billion in EU-Bills outstanding.

The RRF is at the heart of NextGenerationEU which will provide €800 billion (in current prices) to support investments and reforms across Member States. Finland's plan is part of the unprecedented EU response to emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis, fostering the green and digital transitions and strengthening resilience and cohesion in our societies.

Supporting transformative investments and reform projects

The RRF in Finland finances investments and reforms that are expected to have a deeply transformative effect on Finland's economy and society. Here are some of these projects:

  • Securing the green transition: Finland's plan supports the green transition through investments of €319 million in decarbonisation of the energy sector, namely in energy transmission and distribution and in new energy technologies. €156 million will be invested in low-carbon hydrogen along the hydrogen value chain as well as in carbon capture, storage and recovery. The objective of the investments is to contribute to Finland's goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035 by stimulating the introduction of new clean technologies for energy production and use.
  • Supporting the digital transition: The plan supports the digital transition with investments and reforms amounting to €50 million in high-speed broadband infrastructure across Finland. It increases the quality and availability of communication connections in areas where such connections are not provided based on market mechanisms alone. Digital innovations for social welfare and health care servicesare supported with €100 million.
  • Reinforcing economic and social resilience: The plan reinforces economic and social resilience by allocating €90 millionto the reform of the Public Employment Services to increase the employment rate. The plan invests €260 million in streamlining healthcare service processes and providing faster and more equal access to social and health services as well as to promote prevention and early identification of health issues.

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