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North Korea: EU adds 8 individuals and 4 entities involved in financing of nuclear programme to sanctions list

The Council added 8 individuals and 4 entities to the list of those subject to the restrictive measures against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). These restrictive measures consist of a travel ban, an asset freeze and a prohibition to make funds or economic resources available to those listed.

The new listings include individuals who have held leading positions in institutions that are engaged in the development of the missile programme and individuals and entities that have engaged in sanctions evasion activities that could generate funds for the illegal weapons programmes.

The EU is determined to prevent the flow of components, finance and knowledge that could be used by the DPRK to support the development of its illegal weapons programmes. The EU calls on the DPRK to cease destabilising actions, respect its obligations under international law and resume dialogue with relevant parties.

The decision brings the total number of persons listed autonomously by the EU to 65. In addition, the EU has frozen the assets of 13 entities as part of its own sanctions regime. It has also transposed all relevant UN Security Council resolutions, which impose sanctions on 80 persons and 75 entities currently listed by the UN.

The legal acts have been adopted by written procedure. They include the names and specific reasons for listing published in the Official Journal.


The EU's sanctions regime against the DPRK was adopted in response to the DPRK's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile development activities, which are in breach of numerous UNSC resolutions. The EU not only transposes the sanctions imposed by the UN but also has its own autonomous measures, which complement and reinforce the sanctions adopted by the UN. The additional listings adopted recently are EU autonomous measures against the DPRK.

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