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Ofcom awards new community radio licences in Staffordshire

Ofcom today announced the award of three community radio licences in Staffordshire.

Licences have been awarded to BFBS Stafford and Stafford FM, for services in Stafford, and Hitmix Radio, for a service in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Community radio services are provided on a not-for-profit basis focusing on the delivery of specific social benefits to a particular geographical community or a community of interest.

BFBS Stafford (BFBS Stafford Ltd)

Contact: Chris Pearson
Email: chris.pearson@bfbs.com 
Phone number: 01494 878703 
Website: www.bfbs.com

BFBS Stafford will provide a community radio service that will serve military personnel, their families and the civilian population who live and work on or near the MOD Stafford base.

Stafford FM (Stafford Radio Broadcasting Limited)

Contact: Mike Heenan
Email: mikerheenan@gmail.com 
Phone number: 07941 560527
Website: www.staffordfm.co.uk

Stafford FM will provide a community radio service for the residents of Stafford and nearby villages.

Hitmix Radio (Hitmix Radio Limited)

Contact: Robert Lythgoe
Email: robbie.benson@hitmixmedia.com 
Phone number: 07973 162153
Website: www.hitmixmedia.com

Hitmix Radio will provide a community radio service for the town of Newcastle-under-Lyme and the surrounding villages.

Licences are awarded for a five-year period.

A statement setting out the main determining factors for the awards of these community radio licences can be found on Ofcom’s website.


1. In addition to the licence award detailed above, Ofcom considered one further application, but decided not to award a licence to the following group:

  • WAM FM (Louth Air Ltd), Louth, Lincolnshire

Three other applications have been rejected due to there being no suitable FM frequency available:

  • BFBS Waddington (BFBS Waddington Ltd), Waddington, Lincolnshire
  • Cre8 Radio (Staffordshire University), Stoke on Trent & Newcastle-under-Lyme
  • 6 Towns Radio (Potteries Media CIC), Stoke on Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme & Kidsgrove

2. Applications for community radio licences are being invited on a region-by-region basis. Further details can be found on the Ofcom website at: http://licensing.ofcom.org.uk/radio-broadcast-licensing/community-radio/apply-for-licence/ 


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