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Ofgem reduces National Grid’s spending allowances for its transmission price controls

Ofgem has confirmed it will reduce National Grid’s spending allowances in its current price controls for running the high voltage electricity grid and high pressure gas main by £185 million.

In May last year we launched a mid-period review of the 2013 to 2021 energy transmission price controls. In August we announced a consultation on our minded to decision to reduce National Grid’s spending allowances by £185 million.

The final changes in allowances are as follows:

  • A reduction in National Grid’s allowances for the high pressure gas pipeline price control by £168.8 million. This is because the Avonmouth gas pipelines it planned to build are no longer needed. 
  • A reduction in National Grid’s allowances for the high voltage electricity grid price control by £38.1 million. This is because less fault protection works are needed due to fewer generators connecting to the high voltage grid. This has not affected the reliability of the high voltage network.
  • An additional £21.5 million for system operation. The electricity system is going through major changes as we move to a low carbon economy. So National Grid (as system operator) has a bigger role to play. This includes providing additional supply and demand balancing services. 

Changes to National Grid’s revenue will take effect from April 2018. 

Ofgem has also opened a consultation on making further changes to the price control allowances of transmission and gas distribution companies. This includes proposals to reduce National Grid Gas Distribution’s allowances by £54m. This reflects that some work on its medium pressure gas mains will not be delivered in this price control period.

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