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Ofgem response to Daily Mirror open letter

Having read Stacey Booth’s compelling article (Mirror, 4 February 2015), we want her and your readers to know that we’re on the side of energy customers. The last thing we wanted to do was to cause offence with our press release of 7 January.

Our only aim with our campaign was to point out that energy customers can save up to £250 by switching. This is why campaigns like the Mirror’s Big Switch, along with our own Be An Energy Shopper, are important to help consumers get a better deal for their energy. 

But we know switching is not the only way to tackle rising prices in the energy market. We’ve consistently called for suppliers to respond to the growing gap between wholesale prices and household bills. Our concern has long been that bills go up faster than they come down and this was one of the reasons we referred the market to the Competition and Markets Authority. In the long term, only a return to vigorous competition on prices and customer service will restore consumers’ confidence in the energy market.

Dermot Nolan

Ofgem Chief Executive

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