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Open University Disabled Veterans Scholarship Fund

The Open University has launched a new scholarship for disabled veterans, and techUK members are invited to promote and partner with the OU to support this worthy cause.

On 8 May, techUK’s Defence & Security Board hosted a session with the Open University  (OU), who are offering a full scholarship for Disabled Veterans.

The Disabled Veterans’ Scholarships Fund will seek to provide 100 full fee waiver scholarships (or equivalent), and a wraparound disability and careers support service, to enable disabled veterans, injured in or due to military service, access to free OU education and specialist support, ensuring that students are able to take full advantage of educational opportunities. Study may take the form of an introductory access module, a first Level 1 module, or an entire undergraduate or postgraduate qualification; dependent on the needs and objectives of the applicant.

The scheme, supported by a bespoke team of advisors, will draw on the OU’s fifty years of experience in providing education to disabled students.  Currently with a disabled student community of over 23,000 students, the OU is expert in providing extraordinary support to students experiencing an array of physical and mental disabilities.

During the board meeting, the OU outlined some ways industry can get involved and support the fund. These are:

  1. Promotion: techUK members can promote the fund within their companies, and to their networks, to help the OU reach a wide community of stakeholders. The flyer attached to this insight can be used to do this, or the OU can be invited to speak at company events and meetings.
  2. Partnership: techUK members can support named scholarships or the disability and careers support services. Companies can do this directly or through introducing the OU to their networks and contacts.
  3. Events: The OU are planning to hold an event with Mark Lancaster MP, Minister of State for the Armed Forces and the MOD, in October 2018. techUK members are invited to help support this event by sponsoring, providing a venue or attending.

Attached to this insight is a flyer which gives more information on the fund.

If you would like to get involved and support this worthy cause, please contact Sam Toolan or +44 (0) 7929 614 760


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