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Opportunity for local gov tech suppliers to help shape proposed process and standards

Help shape the tech response to how local government supports the vulnerable.

Engaging the tech industry to address vulnerability

Last December, techUK hosted a workshop with the SAVVI, a Scalable Approach to Vulnerability via Interoperability project team on how suppliers can help shape the tech response to how local government supports the vulnerable. SAVVI is one of the government funded projects in the Ministry for Housing and Local Government’s Local Digital C-19 Challenge. The project is about proposing standards to help identify people and households who are vulnerable, and then coordinating multi-agency packages of assistance. At the workshop, the SAVVI team had the opportunity to hear from the tech sector how they are working with local government and to jointly explore whether or not SAVVI standards could be adopted by the tech sector.

The SAVVI team have reached the end of the first phase and would welcome hearing from techUK members, on the proposed standards, and if they feel that they are implementable in their products and services.

The problem being solved and the proposed standard

There is a seven minute video where the team describe the problem, and a video where they walk through the proposed process and standards which are then described at the SAVVI website.

Your feedback

The team are currently collecting feedback and members are invited to share their thoughts with Michelle Kern


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