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Our emergency funding - Your top queries

We know you have a lot of questions about what our Emergency Response Package means for you - especially if you're thinking of applying for funding as an individual or an organisation.

Our Customer Services team have been answering your queries by email, and here's a list of the most common questions they've been receiving, along with our answers! If you do need to get in touch with a question, please double check the answer isn't here already. You can find more FAQs for both our Emergency Response funds at the bottom of this webpage, for more information.

1. Do I need a new profile on Grantium to apply for the emergency response Funds? 

No, if you are an individual or an organisation with an already validated profile in Grantium you do not require a new profile to access the emergency funding programmes. 

2. Can I apply using my artist/performer name? 

No, your applicant name needs to match your legal name and be the same name as the one on your bank account. 

3. Can I change my live project in some way (extend/end/adapt)? 

If you hold a current National Lottery Project Grant, Developing Your Creative Practice or a Development Fund grant (such as Elevate or Transforming Leadership), just tell us what changes or delays you wish to make and we will review your information and contact you with a decision.  

4. When is National Lottery Project Grants reopening? 

We hope that we can reinstate the programme at the earliest opportunity. None of us can say when this social distancing period will end, and we know you’ll understand that we can’t make any promises. But a timely restoration of National Lottery Project Grants to help move from rescue to recovery is what we’re hoping and planning for.  

5. Can I appeal the decision to withdraw my recent application to the National Lottery Project Grants and Developing Your Creative Practice programmes? 

Unfortunately, no. We do recognise the time and effort that was spent in preparing your activity, and the work that went into submitting your application. We also understand that our decision to suspend these programmes has been doubly distressing during this time of crisis.

We are truly sorry for the disappointment this has caused. We have made the decision to focus our funds and resource into providing our emergency response funds as we believe they are essential in helping artists and cultural organisations to get through this unprecedented crisis. 

6. When will the emergency funding programmes appear on Grantium so I can create my applicant profile and see the application?

The funds will open on Thursday 9 April at 12pm (midday). At this time, you will be able to see and start your application on Grantium. 

You can still create your applicant profile while you’re waiting for the funds to appear. Take a look at our Grantium FAQs for guidance on how to do that. 

7. I would like to speak to someone about my application.  

We're expecting a lot of applications, so we are unable to offer development conversations to every applicant.

If you are an individual with access requirements, you can email us to find out how we can help. Please add ‘ACCESS INFORMATION’ in the subject bar. 

8. I’ve forgotten my password for Grantium / I’ve been locked out of Grantium as I’ve entered my password incorrectly too many times.  

If you have forgotten your password for your Grantium account or been locked out, please contact us sooner rather than later. Our Customer Services team is available via email only but we are replying to emails as quickly as possible (normally within 2-3 working days). 

9. When is the deadline to apply for the emergency funds? 

The deadline for Round 1 is Thursday 16 April at 12pm (midday) and the deadline for Round 2 is Thursday 30 April at 12pm (midday)

If you intend to make an application, please log onto Grantium as soon as possible and ensure all your details are up to date.

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