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PM call with Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid: 26 July 2022

Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid.

The Prime Minister spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid yesterday afternoon.

He began by congratulating Prime Minister Lapid on his appointment as Prime Minister earlier this month. Prime Minister Lapid thanked the Prime Minister for his ongoing efforts to support the UK-Israel relationship, an international partnership that he said had made enormous progress during the Prime Minister’s tenure.

The leaders agreed that ongoing work, including the recent announcement that the UK and Israel have begun negotiations on a new Free Trade Agreement, will take the cooperation between our countries to new heights. The Prime Minister expressed his confidence that the UK-Israel relationship will continue to be of huge importance to his successor.

On the brutality in Ukraine, the leaders both underscored their support for the Ukrainian people. The Prime Minister welcomed Israel’s humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, including their provision of field hospitals. He stressed the need for all countries to continue to put pressure on Putin’s regime, including through sanctions.

The Prime Minister and Prime Minister Lapid also discussed Iran and agreed on the need to prevent Iranacquiring a nuclear weapon. The Prime Minister stressed that the UK is continuing to encourage Iran to take the deal currently on the table and come back into compliance with the JCPoA nuclear deal.

The Prime Minister concluded the call by saying he will always be a big friend and supporter of both Israel and Prime Minister Lapid.

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