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Parliament calls for better protection of cross-border and seasonal workers

More action is needed to safeguard the health, safety and working conditions of cross-border and seasonal workers, says Parliament.

On 19 June, Parliament adopted a resolution on the situation of cross-border and seasonal workers in the context of the Covid-19-crisis and beyond, addressing mobility, precarious working conditions and a lack of safety measures. MEPs call for a better protection and equal labour and social rights for all workers.

With the closing of internal borders, restrictions of free movement and the suspension of many economic activities, the coronavirus pandemic has underlined existing shortcomings.

Many mobile workers are essential to the provision of critical goods and services in key economic sectors such as agriculture and food production, social and health services, construction and transport, and can also play an important role in efforts to foster a post-pandemic economic recovery.

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What are cross-border workers?

  • Frontier workers work in one EU country but reside in a neighbouring country of which they are nationals and return there daily or at least once a week.
  • Posted workers are sent by their employer to carry out a service in another EU country on a temporary basis, in the context of a contract of services, an intra-group posting or a hiring out through a temporary agency.
  • Seasonal workers travel to a country to temporarily live and carry out cyclical work (for example: tourism, agriculture).

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