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Party and non-party campaigner spending of £250k or less at 2019 general election

The Electoral Commission has today published the campaign spending returns of political parties and registered non-party campaigners that spent £250,000 or less during the 2019 UK Parliamentary general election. 

58 of the political parties that contested the general election reported spending less than £250,000 during the regulated period that ran from 13 December 2018 until polling day, 12 December 2019. Altogether, these parties reported spending £389,623 on campaigning at the election. 

Quote from Louise Edwards, director of regulation

Commenting on the returns from political parties and campaigners, Louise Edwards, Director of Regulation, said:

“This is the first publication of spending information relating to last year’s general election, an important part of the transparency which is essential to our democratic process.  It is vital that voters are able to see clearly and accurately how money is spent on influencing them at elections. 

“For future elections, we have recommended that the law be changed so that parties and campaigners have to provide voters with more detail about how they spend their money at elections. This sits alongside other recommended changes to improve transparency and to address public concerns about who has produced and paid for the political campaign material they see online.”


Channel website: https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk

Original article link: https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/media-centre/party-and-non-party-campaigner-spending-ps250k-or-less-2019-general-election

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