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Patients Association - Patient Experience

This policy programme is very important to us and will be our key focus for most of 2020. Looking at the patient experience in its entirety, we will be totally guided by what patients tell us.

The survey asks about what has made a difference to your experience in the past, in terms of both the care you have received and the other aspects of your life. It also explores what the term ‘patient’ means to people – to explore patient experience, it’s essential to be clear about whose experiences are being considered!

Based on your feedback, we’ll be launching recommendations and initiatives in the coming months so, if you have ever been a patient in any capacity whatsoever, please set aside a few minutes to share your own experiences and opinions. But hurry - we're closing the survey at midnight on Monday 19th January!

The Patient Experience Survey

Thank you for taking part.

Original article link: https://www.patients-association.org.uk/news/patients-experience-survey

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