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Peer Tutor – online peer-to-peer support for your learners

Peer Tutor is a mobile app that allows learners to receive online support from verified, high achieving peers.

With the current COVID-19 outbreak causing uncertainty and unease across the globe and schools closed until further notice, Peer Tutor will ensure your students can continue to receive academic support and develop their knowledge from home, minimising any disruption caused by closures.

Free live lessons for GCSE students

To make your lives a little easier during these difficult times, we are offering free live lessons in GCSE science, English and humanities topics.

These interactive sessions will offer study tips and tricks to take your students’ knowledge to the next level, providing an opportunity for them to continue their learning and ensure they’re not missing out on valuable time away from lessons.

More information and details on how your students can register can be found on this webpage.

Instant one-to-one tuition for GCSE and A Levels

In addition to these free live lessons, the Peer Tutor mobile app allows learners to ask questions, take part in live one-to-one tutorials and receive feedback on their work in all core GCSE and A Level subjects.

Access to Peer Tutor and the support available is obtained through ‘Gems’ which can be purchased for £1 each. Purchased Gems are credited to the user’s account to be spent in a way that suits them.

How Peer Tutor supports you and your learners

  • Minimises disruption during this current time of uncertainty, and beyond
  • Provides equal opportunities for all of your learners
  • Affordable and accessible, providing better opportunities and outcomes
  • On demand learning - anytime, anywhere
  • High-quality learning resources and tailored learning support
  • Tried and tested, with great feedback

“I have downloaded Peer Tutor and it’s absolutely brilliant. I’m so glad I found this as the mind maps have helped me so much.” Peer Tutor user

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about how Peer Tutor can support your organisation and learners at this time please contact us on or visit our website.


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