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People With Learning Disabilities Given Help to Get Active And Boost Confidence

New Mencap project encourages participants to turn exercise into miles and journey round the world.

More than 4,000 people with learning disabilities are being invited to take on a new Round the World Challenge as we invest £1 million over three years with Mencap.

A total of 27 participation hubs will be set up across England with the aim of inspiring and assisting people with learning disabilities to get active in a fun, flexible and empowering way.

People taking on a variety of activities, including Zumba, boccia and walking rugby – as well as more traditional sports – will register their time spent exercising each week, with that figure being converted into miles.

Anyone completing 100 hours of exercise will have completed their round-the-world trip, with landmarks along the way including 20 hours for crossing the UK and 40 for Europe – with participants receiving ‘postcards’ to recognise their achievement in reaching significant landmarks along their journey.

Pilots schemes have already shown the programmer to be a success with Vijay Patel turning a 30-minute lunchtime run into the confidence he needed to get a job.

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