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People smugglers who hid illegal migrants in a lorry jailed

Four people smugglers involved in a plot to bring illegal migrants into the UK from France in a lorry have been sentenced to a total of 10 years in prison.

Iranian national Hiwa Ali, aged 40, Iraqi national Ismael Akdaci, aged 39, and Romanian nationals Constantin Morariu, aged 43, and Ioan-Sorin Moldovan, aged 30, all pleaded guilty at Stafford Crown Court to facilitating two migrants entry into the UK. 

Top row left-right: Constantin Morariu, Hiwa Ali, Bottom row left-right: Ioan-Sorin Moldovan, Ismael Akdaci

National Crime Agency officers supporting the Invigor Organised Immigration Crime Taskforce, intercepted the group at Hilton Park services in Staffordshire on 12 February 2019, as they were handing over the migrants. 

Moldovan, acting as transport organiser, arranged for corrupt lorry driver Morariu to pick up the migrants - an Iranian and an Iraqi national - in France and drive them across the Channel to the services, where Ali and Akdaci would be waiting for them. Morariu was told by Moldovan he’d be paid for his services. 

Akdaci and Ali, who had travelled from Coventry to pick up the migrants, were caught red-handed smuggling them from the lorry to the back of their car. When NCA officers searched the car they found £14,000 in cash hidden inside the lining of the rear seat. 

Moldovan had driven from London that day to oversee the handover. Officers searching the lorry subsequently found £1000 cash, believed to be Moldovan’s payment to Morariu. 

All four were arrested at the services on suspicion of illegal immigration offences, as well as the two migrants, who were later passed to Immigration Enforcement. 

NCA Operations Manager Kay Mellor yesterday said:

“This crime group had no regard to the safety and wellbeing of the migrants. They treated them as nothing more than a commodity to make money from, preying on their vulnerability and desperation to enter the UK. 

“Making profit is the motive for criminals and in this case we made sure crime didn’t pay; seizing their cash and shutting down their operation.” 

Invigor is the UK’s Organised Immigration Crime Taskforce set up to target the criminal networks behind people smuggling impacting on the UK and the European borders. It is led by the NCA and includes Immigration Enforcement, Crown Prosecution Service, Border Force and the Home Office working in the UK and internationally. 

Steve Reynolds, head of the Invigor task force, yesterday said: 

“We are committed to doing everything in our power to bring people smugglers targeting the UK to justice, whether they are operating in the UK itself or France, and no matter what means they try to use. 

“This operation is another example of our success in doing that.”


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