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Planning permission sought to create Moors at Arne

Creating intertidal habitats are a step closer as ‘The Moors at Arne’ scheme seeks planning permission from Dorset Council.

The Environment Agency, RSPB and Natural England began engaging with residents of Wareham, Stoborough, Arne and Ridge back in 2017. To mitigate the loss of intertidal habitats due to a phenomenon called ‘coastal squeeze’, The Moors at Arne scheme has developed the concept of allowing tides further inland to create the correct conditions for wildlife that lives on salt marsh or mudflat, without increasing risk to life or property from flooding.

Thanks to ongoing conversations and support from the community, assessments in flood risk and ecology plus careful heritage excavations, The Moors at Arne is at the stage where planning permission is needed to continue.

If permission is granted, work will take three years to carefully create the conditions needed to adapt 150ha into a prime location for animals and plants with access for visitors to enjoy the landscape.

The planning application and supporting documents will become available on Dorset Council’s planning portal, Wareham Library and the Environment Agency’s Blandford office by appointment. For more information about The Moors at Arne visit The Moors at Arne coastal change project

Editor’s Notes

Coastal squeeze is the name given to the process where the section of intertidal habitat between the tide and flood defences shrinks in response to rising sea levels. The Moors at Arne will create the required compensatory habitat to allow future coastal defence work to provide protection to 3,000 properties in Poole Harbour from flood risk.


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