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People at the heart of proposals for the ‘most accessible Government ever’.

The plans for the next year of Government were set out by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon yesterday.

The new policies announced as part of the ‘Programme for Government’ are expected to focus on creating a society where everyone has the same chances in life – and where access to those opportunities helps to boost the economy.

The proposals also included ways that people can become more involved in the decisions that affect their lives.

Ms Sturgeon announced the plans in Parliament yesterday and then spoke to people through a Facebook Q&A session last night.

First Minister said:

“People across Scotland have been engaged, inspired and empowered by politics like never before. We know that most people had a view on what they wanted for their country during the referendum – and we still want to know what you want for your country now.

“That’s why today I will set out how this Government will do things differently and how we want to put people at the heart of our plans. That means, where we can, we will listen to the people and take decisions after hearing what they have to say. We want this to be the most open and accessible government that Scotland has ever had.

“We want to create a society based on prosperity, participation and fairness. So we are going to do things that make it easier for everyone to get on in life.

“Making sure that everyone can do better in life will help make Scotland a fairer place to live and work, but it will also make it a more prosperous place too.

“We want everyone’s help to make Scotland a better country – and we want to hear your ideas. We are all in the business of making Scotland a better place to live and work, and together we can build a fairer and more prosperous country.”


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