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Points of Light: April 2014 winners

The Points of Light award recognises outstanding individuals - people who are making a change in their community and inspiring others. 

The following people were given a Points of Light award in April 2014:

1. Storm Wallace (Portland Dorset)

Storm showed true leadership and initiative inspiring hundreds of others to help with the clean-up operation after floods devastated Chesil Beach. Listen to Storm’s story.

2. Seamus Kearns (Surrey and Staines)

Seamus volunteers with Surrey Search and Rescue and went to extraordinary lengths to ensure no one in his local community was left vulnerable in their homes during the floods. Listen to Seamus’ story.

3. Clare Aparicio (Somerset)

Clare ensured people could eat proper meals after the floods damaged their kitchens and set up Much Thorn Flood Wings to help get vital supplies from A to B. Listen to Clare’s story.

4. Mark Whelan (Boston and Lincolnshire)

Mark raised money to get his town of Boston back on its feet, providing vital support to people who lost so much during the floods. Listen to Mark’s story.

5. Zafar Ahmed (Staines and Egham)

Zafar was one of the first flood volunteers in Staines, working day and night to deliver sandbags, leaflets and food to people in need. Listen to Zafar’s story.

6. Danny Glavin (Portsmouth)

Danny set up an educational programme to celebrate local heroes, in honour of his childhood friend Royal Marine Richard Hollington who died serving in Afghanistan.

Channel website: https://www.icaew.com

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