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Post conference feedback from local authority Address and Street officers to the Geospatial Commission

Steve Brandwood, Executive Director of Engagement at GeoPlace provides an update on feedback from council Address and Street Custodians to the Geospatial Commission following the GeoPlace Conference earlier this year. 

William Priest, Director of the Geospatial Commission spoke at the GeoPlace conference on 10th May 2018.

The aim of the Geospatial Commission is ‘to maximise the value of all UK government data linked to location’. The Commission is building a UK wide strategy, which is backed up with political will from Downing Street and a £40 million budget to cover all areas of Commission activity.

At the conference, William said “We want to create economic value add and productivity gains through the better use of geospatial information. We think that we can create an £6-11 billion of economic value add if we can get to a better usage of geospatial info, predicated on doing things better and smarter, joining up the producers of GI so that users can access it more freely more quickly and more effectively”.

William asked, “What are the kind of things you are doing as a group that the Geospatial Commission may help to stimulate or accelerate?”

William’s slides from the conference are available here with accompanying audio hereand discussion here.

Following the conference, and working with the Commission, GeoPlace issued a ‘’ enabled consultation to gather views from local authority Address and Street officers to provide responses to William’s challenge. The consultation ran between 21st May to 1stJune 2018 and the following groups of officers were encouraged to respond:

  • Data Co-operation Agreement Principal Contacts
  • Address Custodian and Secondary Address Custodians
  • Streets Custodian and Secondary Streets Custodians
  • Street Naming & Numbering Officers
  • ASD Creators
  • Traffic Managers
  • Streetworks Managers
  • Public Rights of Way Officers
  • JAG(UK) contacts

The application allows users to post their views and also ‘up-vote’ on views provided by others.


There was a limited response to the call for feedback. 19 unique responses were made from 7 identified individuals. The remaining 5 responses were provided anonymously, and it is not possible to state whether these were from one or multiple individuals.

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