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Post-18 education report

Yesterday, the Education Policy Institute (EPI) published their report, Post-18 education and funding: options for the government review.

It’s great to see the EPI reference our paper, T levels for 19-23 year Olds: The value of maintenance loans, and take on board some of the recommendations that Mark Corney set out in August 2018

As the EPI identify;

There is reason to suspect many potential students are unable to study due to constraints that an extended maintenance support system might resolve. Financial and time barriers are listed as key reasons when adults are surveyed as to why they are not pursuing further study. This is particularly true for those aged 19-23.

Our contribution is recognised in the recommendation that;

The government should offer maintenance loans to young adults pursuing a first full level 3 qualification, which would come at a modest cost. This group at present receive free tuition, but financial and time barriers prevent many from taking advantage of this.

They also recognise the value of funding support for learners taking level 3 provision;

The higher incomes that come with qualifying to level 3 and above are another reason to consider funding measures to raise participation.

As we await the outcome for the Augar review of Post 18 education, we welcome this report from the EPI, that we hope will enliven the conversation around post 19 funding, and ultimately increase the productivity of adult learners in the future.


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