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“PrEP is already beginning to make a difference” - Health Secretary, Vaughan Gething

An all-Wales PrEP trial is showing promising signs, the Health Secretary Vaughan Gething announces.

The study on the drug Truvada® was launched in July 2017 and when taken correctly and supported by wider, preventative sexual health services can help to reduce overall HIV transmission and infection rates, according to the World Health Organization.

Health Secretary Vaughan Gething said:

“In April last year, I announced that Wales would provide pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for the prevention of HIV through NHS Wales to all those who would benefit from it. This would be provided as part of a three-year monitoring study in order to evaluate the drug‘s effectiveness. 

“Making PrEP available in Wales is an important part of our wider approach to HIV prevention. I am proud that Wales is able to lead the way in the delivery of PrEP. The initial indications are that PrEP is already beginning to make a difference in the high risk population.   

“I have written to Public Health Wales and the dedicated professionals working in our integrated sexual health services to thank them for the considerable efforts made to deliver PrEP to those that would benefit from it.

“There are clear indications that PrEP is appropriately targeted at individuals participating in risky behaviours. Reassuringly, the most recent figures indicate that since PrEP was first made available in July 2017, 386 patients have accessed the preventative treatment and that no one in this cohort has gone on to develop HIV whilst on PrEP.”


Channel website: http://gov.wales

Original article link: http://gov.wales/newsroom/health-and-social-services/2018/prep/?status=closed&lang=en

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