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Professor Fraser Sampson’s response to the DCMS consultation: Data: a new direction

A quarter of the way into my term of office we now have a once-in-this-generation opportunity to reform the police use of biometrics and surveillance, build public trust and provide assurance of ethical practice and leadership.

The Independent Commissioner for Biometrics and Surveillance Cameras has told the government of his serious concerns about its plans to absorb oversight of key police powers into the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Fraser Sampson, the current Biometrics Commissioner and Surveillance Camera Commissioner, has delivered a forensic dissection of the proposal in his formal response to a Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport consultation called “Data: a new direction”. The questions about potentially absorbing the functions of the Biometric Commissioner role and the Surveillance Camera Commissioner role appear on page 142 of the 146-page document.

Professor Sampson, who was appointed Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner for two years starting in February 2021, said of the DCMS consultation: “I have now received a categorical assurance from ministers that the purpose of this consultation is to enable the proper formulation of as yet undecided policy in light of informed responses”.

Fraser Sampson’s complete formal response to the DCMS consultation.


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