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Protecting British business from cyber attacks

​As the Government steps up its efforts to protect British businesses from cyber-attacks, GCHQ announces the re-issue of ’10 Steps to Cyber Security’, providing updated guidance on the practical steps that organisations can take to improve the security of their networks and the information carried on them.

To accompany this, GCHQ is also publishing a new paper called ‘Common Cyber Attacks:Reducing the Impact’.  This paper provides an overview of common cyber-attacks, the perpetrators, their methods and capabilities.  It will help organisations to understand why ’10 Steps’ is an effective means of protecting organisations from cyber-attacks.

In addition, we are also pleased to announce that GCHQ and MI5 are working with their US partners to further strengthen UK-US collaboration on cyber security by establishing a joint cyber cell, with an operating presence in each country.  Aimed at strengthening mutual cyber defence, it will bring together agencies and law enforcement and allow staff from each agency to be co-located, enabling information and data to be shared at pace and at greater scale. 

Read the full article on the GCHQ website.


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