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Providing more diverse options for learners studying English and maths qualifications

An article by TES recently highlighted new Department for Education data which revealed that 2 in 3 students who resit their English and maths GCSEs make no progress, compared to the first time they take the tests. The data also showed that more than a third of students fared worse the second time around.

This could be down to a number a factors including the pressure of resitting exams and the added expectations that this puts on the learner. The structure of these qualifications, their teaching and assessment expectations may be unsuitable for the learner leaving them unable to access the higher demand required for academic qualifications. These learners may find that they are more suited to an alternative qualification which is more practical in nature.

It’s the latter school of thought that originally led to the launch of NCFE’s #fullyfunctional campaign – to create a level playing field or English and maths and provide alternatives to GCSE maths and English, which will in turn improve learner outcomes.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“NCFE Functional Skills have given me both the confidence and the practical English and maths skills that I need to progress into a career as a sports coach." Arnold Harris, learner at Aspire.

"I joined the college and gained Functional Skills in maths and English, as well as qualifications in sport, exercise studies and employability. Completing these NCFE qualifications has helped build my confidence and develop my skills.” Jack Tear, Albion in the Community.


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