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Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) - scoping survey findings

This report describes scoping research carried out to inform the development of a review of Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA).

The scoping research report includes a number of suggested areas that the review of PBSA could consider.

In relation to student needs and wellbeing, these include recommendations around:

  • consistent mental health and wellbeing support across PBSA,
  • equal access to PBSA for all students, particularly disabled, care experienced and estranged students, and
  • making sure international students are not placed at financial risk when renting PBSA.

In relation to regulation, affordability, contractual arrangements and the role of local authorities, these include recommendations around:

  • regulation of PBSA that takes into account the specifics of the PBSA sector, but makes sure students have access to the same rights as other renters,
  • ensuring that policies such as Widening Access are reflected how PBSA is delivered, to make sure all students have fair access to education
  • ensuring consistency in the partnerships between HE institutions and private PBSA providers, and
  • reviewing the role of local authorities in PBSA planning and development.

In relation to the future of PBSA, these include recommendations around:

  • gaining a fuller understanding of the future of PBSA provision and the implications of this upon the review, and
  • taking into account the specifics of and differences between institutional and privately provided PBSA, to ensure fair regulation

Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) – scoping survey findings 32 page PDF 536.5 kB


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