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Qatar World Cup – Wales TUC statement on migrant workers and LGBTQ+ people

Wales TUC shares widespread concerns about conditions for migrant workers in Qatar. When the World Cup was awarded to Qatar in 2010 the global trade union movement, led by the ITUC, voiced concerns about the choice.

Since then, unions have been campaigning for changes to the law in Qatar. There have been significant gains in terms of improvements to labour rights laws - which could provide important additional protections for workers.

Nevertheless, Wales TUC is concerned about continuing reports of the maltreatment of migrant workers.

The Wales TUC recognises the steps taken so far to improve the situation and is calling on the Qatari authorities to complete the work.  We want to see:

  • The minimum wage raised
  • Increased enforcement of labour laws
  • Improved access to justice
  • Compulsory joint worker committees for all companies and progress towards freedom of association

We are also supporting:

We welcome the fact that:

  • Welsh Ministers held a meeting with the International TUC to receive a briefing on these issues alongside the Football Association of Wales
  • Welsh Ministers have raised the issue of labour rights and human rights with the Qatari authorities

We support continued such dialogue on these matters.

Furthermore, we would like to ensure the safety and fair treatment of LGBTQ+ people. Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar and despite the Qatari Government stating that ‘everyone is welcome’, we want to see assurances that LGBTQ+ people are welcome and allowed to be their authentic selves in Qatar.

We are proud of the Welsh team competing in the World Cup for the first time in 64 years and we stand with those striving for social justice and we want Wales’s legacy to be promote an open progressive Wales that is committed to the values of inclusivity and equality.


Original article link: https://www.tuc.org.uk/news/qatar-world-cup-wales-tuc-statement-migrant-workers-and-lgbtq-people

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