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RESILIA: Social engineering – one born every click

Blog posted by: Nick Wilding, 03 July 2018.

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What’s there to fear from people contacting your organization purporting to be someone from a supplier with a change to company payment details?

The problem is knowing whether that person is who they claim to be, or someone using sophisticated social engineering techniques to trick unsuspecting employees into making fraudulent payments.

In our latest, fictitious audio story, a conversation between two people who’ve met through a dating site is not what it seems: “Abi” is indulging in what appears to be harmless banter with “Price” about the usual dating topics but then the conversation takes a turn when Abi turns out to be a “fan” of Price and starts flattering him with compliments on his notoriety. But little does Price know Abi’s endgame…

Social engineering is a critical business risk and anyone in an organization who has some form of social media profile is vulnerable to a social engineer.

So how does an organization – whose critical data and information could be placed at risk from a real-life social engineer – help its employees to acknowledge these risks and to understand what they need to do to reduce them?

By using stories to illustrate risks, we help people to visualise and understand the daily threats from cyber criminals – including those using social engineering tactics. As a provider of GCHQ Certified training (GCT), RESILIA® Frontline cyber security and data protection training uses stories and scenarios to bring these very real cyber threats to life.

Learn more about the power of storytelling in cyber security awareness training.

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*Abi-Linda MacManaman, Bill, Daisy, Kyle, John Holden, Sarah and Price/Pryce Baily are all fictitious names used for the purpose of this fictitious story only. Any similarity to a real person is not intended nor should it be inferred.

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