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RMT members urged not to strike

London Underground (LU) is urging RMT members to vote 'no' in the strike ballot called by the RMT leadership after the dismissal of a train operator for failing alcohol tests. 

There is a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol on the Tube to keep customers and staff safe.

The dismissed train operator failed two unannounced random breath alcohol tests last year. The RMT leadership has since alleged that this result was skewed by his diabetic condition. However, the industry-leading fuel cell breathalyser equipment used is not affected by diabetes.

Nigel Holness, LU's operations director Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines, said: 'Our zero tolerance approach to the consumption of alcohol reflects our legal obligation and moral duty to protect our customers and employees. You wouldn't let someone who had been drinking alcohol drive your family in a car, and we don't let people who have been drinking alcohol drive people's families in Tube trains.

'The RMT leadership is asking its members to defend the indefensible. I would urge RMT members, our staff, to do the right thing, to vote and to vote no.'


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