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RUSI Expands Latin American Presence with Peruvian Partnership

RUSI’s growing Latin America focus has been enhanced through a new partnership with Peruvian think tank, Centro de Estudios Estratégicos del Ejército del Perú (CEEP).

The partnership was confirmed on 7 December with a virtual ceremony led by the Chief of Staff of the Peruvian Army, Lieutenant General David Ojeda Parra and RUSI’s Director-General, Dr Karin von Hippel, Director-General.

The collaboration with CEEEP follows RUSI’s first Latin American Security Conference and the appointment of Dr Carlos Solar, as a Senior Research Fellow for Latin American Security. These steps are growing RUSI’s Latin American focus and contributing to RUSI’s work as a world-leading think tank, informing and improving policy and public debate on defence, security and international affairs.

CEEEP carry out strategic research and analysis related to security and defence that contribute to decision-making and problem solving for the Peruvian Army, the defence sector, the country, and the region. The partnership will continue collaboration on research such maritime threats and criminal convergence, and also on security risks such as drug trafficking and the illegal wildlife trade led by RUSI’s Organised Crime and Policing research group.

The RUSI Latin American Security Conference 2023 will take place on the 27 January 2023.


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