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Reaching Level 5: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and How to Get There

The SMMT publish a report on how to make the UK a global centre of excellence for CAVs.

The SMMT (Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders) recently published a position paper on how to ensure that the UK becomes a global centre of excellence in relation to the testing, building and deployment of CAVs (Connected and Automous Vehicles). 

The report highlights four areas that need further work:

  • Data Protection, security, safety and innovation
  • Vehicle cyber security
  • Connectivity and infrastructure
  • The Regulatory Landscape

Several of the issues that are highlighted in these areas will need to either be dealt with at an international level or require international harmonisation. The use of a Data Storage System which acts as an event recorder during automated driving is one such example where a universal mandated approach would contribute to overcoming interoperability, liability and public acceptance challenges. 

The report also outlines areas which are concern the UK Government. In particular the SMMT call for a National Strategy for CAVs which clearly sets out how the UK will play a role in the global CAV market, suggesting that the UK should focus on its strengths around technology, cyber security, telecoms and insurance.

The SMMT suggest that this strategy would also look at further enablers from national infrastructure - from high-tech 5G to clear road markings that lidar and other sensor technology relies upon - to skills and finance opportunities. 

techUK supports the ambition to make the UK a global centre of excellence in relation to CAVs and will continue to support this through our SmarterUK Transport Work Stream. 

We'll be looking at CAVs and the insurance market in our event: The IoT Revolution for Insurance


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