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Regulator announces inquiry into London-based educational charity

The Charity Commission has opened a statutory inquiry into a London-based think tank.

Yesterday (11th May 2023), the Charity Commission announced the opening of a statutory inquiry into The Centre for Global Studies.

The Centre for Global Studies is a London-based think tank which seeks to improve education and public understanding of economics through publishing research and organising educational events.

The inquiry was opened on the 8th August 2022 as a result of regulatory concerns about the charity and its management by its trustees. The Commission will seek to identify potential conflicts of interest which have not been effectively managed and consider whether there has been any unauthorised benefit to the trustees and/or connected persons.

As part of its inquiry, the Charity Commission has appointed interim managers to conduct a review of the charity’s governance and administration and make recommendations to the Commission. The Interim Managers, Sarah Tomlinson and Edwina Turner of Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP, were appointed on 28 April by Order of the Commission under Section 76(3)(g) of the Charities Act 2011, to the exclusion of trustees.

The scope of the inquiry includes to:

  • Examine the governance of the charity, including the identification and management of conflicts of interest.
  • Examine the charity’s financial controls and processes, including any unauthorised private benefit to trustees and/or connected parties, trustee expense payments and accounting for the end use of charitable funds.
  • Examine the charity’s activities, including in the UK and overseas.
  • Consider how best to safeguard the charity’s assets.
  • Consider whether there has been misconduct and/ or mismanagement by those in control of the charity.

The Commission may extend the scope of the inquiry if additional regulatory issues emerge.

It is the Commission’s policy to publish a report upon concluding an inquiry to detail its findings, conclusions, and any regulatory action taken.

Notes to editors

  1. The Charity Commission is the independent, non-ministerial government department that registers and regulates charities in England and Wales. Its purpose is to ensure charity can thrive and inspire trust so that people can improve lives and strengthen society.
  2. Interim managers are appointed where the Commission has identified misconduct or mismanagement in the administration of a charity, and/or where there is a need to protect a charity’s property. It is a protective measure.
  3. The Commission understands that the trustees of The Centre for Global Studies have submitted an appeal against its decision to appoint an IM to the First-tier Tribunal (Charity).
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