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Reinvestigation relating to the death of Jordan Begley in Greater Manchester – findings published.

We have published our findings after concluding the reinvestigation into the actions of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) following the death of a man arrested in Gorton.

Jordan Begley, also known as Jordon, aged 23, died shortly after his arrest – during which a Taser was used – in July 2013. Our original investigation found no case to answer for any individual officer. As the findings of our original investigation were inconsistent with the findings of the subsequent inquest, we reviewed the investigation and findings and decided to apply to the High Court to quash that report and its conclusions. The High Court quashed the report and ordered a reinvestigation in November 2016. This began in February last year and looked at the actions of six GMP officers.

During the comprehensive reinvestigation:

  • 295 documents from the first investigation were reviewed, including 84 statements;
  • 22 days of inquest transcripts were read, reviewed and cross referenced to original statements; and
  • 2,877 items from the inquest were considered.

We identified evidence of potential misconduct for one officer – Police Constable (PC) Terence Donnelly – involved in the arrest of Mr Begley. He is no longer serving with GMP. The evidence of potential misconduct relates to his decision to extend the use of a Taser longer than the automatic five seconds. We concluded that had the officer still been serving, he would have had a case to answer for misconduct relating to an allegation he used excessive force, but not to the extent that his dismissal would be justified. As such, given the officer is no longer serving with GMP, no further misconduct proceedings can follow.

We suggested management action be taken for PC Lee Moore, with regard to his conduct at Mr Begley’s inquest, which the force has agreed.

We did not find evidence to substantiate a case to answer for misconduct for the four other officers investigated; PC Peter Fox, PC David Graham, PC Christopher Mills and PC Andrew Wright.

The findings from the reinvestigation can be found in our final report and a summary of the conclusions in this case.

Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) Deputy Director General, Ian Todd, oversaw the reinvestigation: “Clearly this has been a long and difficult journey for everyone involved in this tragic case, not least Mr Begley’s family; I apologise to the family and the officers for any stress and anxiety caused by these necessary but protracted investigations.

“This vital reinvestigation was conducted in light of the inquest findings, where we identified discrepancies between the evidence given, and the evidence collected by the original investigation. This reinvestigation was led by a team who had no previous involvement with this case. All of the available evidence has been reviewed and scrutinised. 

“We examined more than 3,000 pieces of evidence during the reinvestigation. Our report and conclusion document contains a summary of the evidence gathered during the investigation; providing clarity around the actions of Greater Manchester Police and the circumstances of Mr Begley’s arrest.”  

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