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Results of techUK Defence Programme elections announced

techUK is delighted to announce the results of the 2022 Defence Programme elections.

Nominations and voting for the techUK Defence & Security Board and Defence Programme Forums took place over the summer, with a record number of techUK members standing for election. The current term for those successfully elected is 2 years, with the next elections scheduled for summer 2024. 

The Defence & Security Board is composed of 30 techUK members, including 5 SME representatives and 25 larger companies. The Board brings together a broad group of industry leaders from across Defence and National Security, who will champion industry's interests and drive an ambitious programme of activity between techUK and its stakeholders across Defence and National Security. The Defence & Security Board will act as the voice of the wider techUK Defence & National Security membership, and it's primariy focus is to address strategic concerns that impact the Defence and National Security technoogy sectors. 

The Defence Programme Forums each focus on specific areas of Defence where techUK members have an interest in engaging with key stakeholders. Each Forum runs a series of briefings and webinars throughout the year, and is governed by elected Chairs and Vice Chairs. The Forum Chairs attend Defence & Security Board meetings to provide an update on Forum activities and to seek Board approval and guidance when necessary.

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