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RoSPA hopes to #savekidslives as part of global Road Safety Week

Every day more than 500 children die and thousands are injured in traffic crashes globally - figures which the Royal Society for the Prevention for Accidents (RoSPA) is determined to help drive down as part of an international initiative.

Safety charity RoSPA is backing the third UN Global Road Safety Week, on May 4 to 10, which aims to highlight the plight of children on the world’s roads, generate action to better ensure their safety, and promote safe and sustainable transport.

The hashtag #SaveKidsLives will be used to promote the campaign on social media, and encourage people and organisations globally to sign the Child Declaration for Road Safety, developed with children from around the world.

Part of the declaration reads: “We are children. In the future we may have a say, but right now it’s up to you to help us. Action needs to be taken as soon as possible or many children won’t have the chance to grow old enough to have their voices heard.

“And here’s where you, our leaders and other adults can help us, by joining this call for action to make sure all children can travel in safety.”

Once signed, people are then asked to take a #Safie - a picture of themselves displaying a placard with their own personal road safety message - and post it to social media, before delivering the declaration to policy makers.   RoSPA is part of a UK consortium, being led by Road Safety GB, that aims to raise awareness of the global campaign at home through the production of a series of guides for schools and other organisations on how to raise pupils’ road safety skills and awareness. There will also be online forums and discussion sessions for road safety professionals from around the world to share experiences and ideas.

Nick Lloyd, RoSPA’s road safety manager, said: “RoSPA is delighted to be a signatory of Global Road Safety Week. The safety of all children, while they are travelling on the roads across the world, is something that needs to be highlighted so a series of concerted actions are taken to make their journey safer.”

The programme will be officially launched at RoSPA’s Road Safety Conference, being held at the IET Birmingham: Austin Court on March 11, at which all attendees will be asked to take part in one big #Safie.

RoSPA will also be asking all of its member organisations to join the campaign by signing the Child Declaration and taking their own #Safie.

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