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Road Repair Materials from ESPO

We know that our roads are quite literally vital to keeping the country moving, so it is important that we provide the public sector with an easy and efficient route to market for procuring the materials that keep them running.

Our previous framework proved incredibly popular with our customers, so we have listened to both customer and supplier feedback to launch a new and improved version.


About the framework
For ease of use, we have split the framework
into several Lots:
Lot 1  |

Lot 2  |

Lot 3  |

Lot 4  |
Emulsion Products

Packed Highways Products

Joint Sealant Products

Other Bituminous Based Highways Products

You can find out more about what is included under each Lot in the User Guide.

Direct Award
If your requirements are in line with those of the specifications used at the tender stage, you can call-off products directly from the awarded suppliers.

Further Competition
We know that in some cases it is not a ‘one size fits’ all approach, so you also have the option to submit your own specification via a further competition route under the framework.

Framework features

We have made some improvements as well as kept popular features from the previous version, so you can get the most from our framework:

We have increased the number of suppliers to give you more choice.
Prices via our framework are even more competitive than before.
You can still access the framework via Direct Award for quick service.
We can provide free Further Competition template documentation to help.
Additional products - such as overbanding tape - have been included for Direct Award.

What you can expect

All suppliers can offer training or tool box talks on their products - where most can offer this free of charge!
The majority of suppliers offer a discount on half loads (up to 10%) and/or full loads (up to 20%), so you can take advantage of savings through buying in bulk.
We cover all over the UK with some suppliers covering supply to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
It is completely free to access and we have a team of experts on hand at ESPO to answer any questions if you need us.

You can find out more about the framework, suppliers and access the dedicated User Guide here.

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