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With the festive season under way, TfL and its policing partners are cracking down on illegal and unbooked minicabs across the capital.

Touting hotspots will be patrolled to deter illegal activity and help the public get home safely. To support the campaign, called Safer Travel at Night, TfL has produced a film that highlights the work of police officers from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Cab Enforcement Unit.

It shows the team carrying out enforcement operations across London as they target minicab drivers illegally touting for business. The Safer Travel at Night campaign has been running for more than ten years and is a partnership between the Mayor of London, TfL, the MPS and the City of London Police. It
aims to make the public aware of the dangers of getting into unbooked minicabs hailed on the street and provides advice on the best ways to get home safely.

Steve Burton, TfL's Director of Enforcement and On-street Operations, said: 'During the festive season more people are out and about, celebrating on nights out. Use a taxi or a minicab that is booked through a licensed operator - either online, via an app, by phone or in person at a minicab office - for a safer way home.

'We hope this new video will bring to life the importance of always pre-booking minicabs for a safer journey home. It also highlights our commitment to keeping passengers safe and cracking down on this illegal activity.' TfL directly funds 68 dedicated police cab enforcement officers, 41 TfL compliance officers (this number will be doubled by 2016) and 32 vehicle inspection staff as part of the work to stamp out illegal minicab activity.

To watch the video on YouTube search for 'Safer Travel at Night'

Beware the dangers of using unbooked minicabs. Passengers are being warned that unbooked minicabs are not safe:

  • The only way to know your minicab is safe is to book it directly with the minicab company via phone, online or in person
  • It guarantees that your trip will be carried out by a licensed, insured driver in a licensed, insured vehicle
  • It also means that a record is kept of your journey, your driver and the vehicle used, so in the event of any problems the driver can be trace


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