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Schulz condemns Jerusalem synagogue attacks and urges peace talks

President Schulz condemned the attacks that killed five people and injured many more in a Jerusalem synagogue last week. He called on all parties to halt this “senseless killing” and join in dialogue instead. This was “an attack on peace”, he said.

Noting that Pope Francis, who recently issued a strong appeal for peace and dialogue in the Middle East, would be in Parliament on Tuesday, Mr Schulz said what was most shocking and disturbing was that the attack took place in a house of worship, in a city that is holy for three religions.

He appealed to everyone not to let violence escalate and to end the cycle of violence and counter-violence.

Mr Schulz conveyed Parliament’s condolences to the families of the victims.

EU budget: announcement

Mr Schulz announced that the vote on whether Parliament should fast-track its opinion on allowing EU member states to defer their payments into the EU budget would be taken at 09.00 on Tuesday.

Agenda changes


The vote on the recognition of Palestine as a state was postponed to the December session, but Wednesday’s debate remains on the agenda.

The title of the Commission’s statement on the steel industry was changed to “Steel sector in the EU: protecting workers and industries”. A motion for a resolution is to be tabled for the December session.


A vote will be added on a resolution to wind up Monday evening’s debate on the Commission statement on impact assessment guidelines. 


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