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Science and Technology Committee Launches Big Data Inquiry

Sue Daley highlights the opportunities of Big Data in response to 'The Big Data Dilemma'.

Following the announcement by the Science and Technology Committee that it has launched an inquiry examining the opportunities and risks of big data, Sue Daley, Head of Programme, Big Data, Cloud & Mobile at techUK commented:

"We welcome this inquiry into 'The Big Data Dilemma'. Big data has huge potential to drive the UK's productivity, create jobs and economic growth. For every organisation and citizen across the UK to realise the full potential, benefits and value of big data, it's vital we raise understanding and awareness of what big data is and where the opportunities lie.

"We must bring everyone on the big data journey by recognising not just the benefits of big data, but also concerns regarding data privacy, trust and security.

"It's important the inquiry takes into account the full breadth and depth of big data and the role of data analytics. It's not just about social media or personalised advertising; big data has the potential to offer a wider range of benefits and efficiencies to organisations across both the public and private sector. We also encourage the Committee to consider the essential role being played by UK companies leading the development of innovative big data and data analytics services, tools and solutions.

"To maximise potential of data, it's vital we have regulation that underpins, rather than undermines, a data-driven digital economy and its vital the government engages on important negotiations on new EU data rules to achieve this aim."


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