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Allocation of £3 million funding for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs across Scotland will benefit from the first allocations of the £3 million commitment made by the Scottish Government, John Swinney said today at the launch of the Scotland CAN DO Action Framework.

The Action Framework reinforces the Scottish Government’s ambition to become a world leading and entrepreneurial and innovative nation and sets out details of investment for entrepreneurs and innovators.

Two of the projects that the Scottish Government will support with partners across the public, private and third sectors over the coming years are Bridge 2 Business and the CAN DO innovation challenge.

Bridge 2 Business, which will receive up to £300,000, promotes and encourages entrepreneurship amongst college students. Following the success of the City of Glasgow College pilot over the past year, the Scottish Government are now, with partners, supporting the roll-out of this model to other colleges across Scotland.

£150,000 will go to the CAN DO Innovation Challenge which focuses on maximising the opportunities presented by our town centres. New and existing community based groups can put forward creative ideas for the more entrepreneurial use of town centre space and facilities and be supported to bring those ideas to fruition.

Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employability and Sustainability said:

"This Scotland CAN DO Action Framework is the next step on our journey towards being a world-leading entrepreneurial and innovative nation.

“Today, we set out clearly how government will support entrepreneurship with a £3 million package of investment and how we are working with our partners towards that ambitious shared vision.

“Bridge 2 Business in our colleges is a great example of this ambition and collaborative working. Initiatives like this reinforce the power of individuals to shape their own future and that of their communities. I am pleased to announce that we will support the rollout of this initiative during the coming academic year.

“I would also encourage budding entrepreneurs to get involved in the CAN DO Innovation Challenge and make the most of the opportunities that our town centres offer.”

Speaking of the launch of the CAN DO Innovation Challenge, Mandy Haeburn-Little, Director of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, said:

“I am delighted to attend the launch of the Scotland CAN DO Action Framework. It is a great example of collaboration between many different groups, businesses and Scottish Government.

“We all want to see businesses in Scotland do well, we all want to see towns thriving and more than that we want capture and record the individual nature and themes of those towns.

“By encouraging and growing resilient business we make Scotland a more attractive, refreshing and safe place for people to live, enjoy and, of course, where people want to spend money. We are very pleased to be a part of this.”

Principal of City of Glasgow College, Paul Little, said:

"Being the first college to host the Bridge 2 Business team, it has been an absolute pleasure to watch it grow from strength to strength.

“Within a short period of time this unique programme has seen over 400 students take part, which is testament to the commitment, not only from staff and students within the college, but the professionalism and determination of the B2B team.

“I am sure that many more students from across Scotland's Colleges will benefit from realising their potential and entrepreneurial skills.”

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Details of the organisations who will receive funding can be found in the Scotland Can Do Action Framework:

To find out how to get involved with the CAN DO Innovation Challenge, please


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